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Project Legend

  1. Church

  2. School

  3. Commercial Building

  4. Phase I clubhouse annex to school

  5. Parking structure with rooftop soccer field

  6. Tree lined boulevard and river walk

  7. Building Type I with ground floor commercial space

  8. Commercial pocket plaza

  9. Building Type II

  10. Courtyard park

  11. Pocket parks

  12. Community square and amphitheater

  13. Residential Building 

  14. Residential Building 

  15. Residential Building 

  16. Residential Building 

  17. Residential Building 

  18. Ancillary park

  19. Central park

  20. Service Area


Project Details

Location: Haiti

Client: Anacaona Group Services  


Services: Planning and Architecture  


Scope: School, 3,000 Apartments, church and commercial    

Scale: 49 Acres


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